Thank you to all those who inspected, bid and purchased from our 2024 Breckon Farms draft.

If you are in interested in discussing one of our passed in lots, please contact Nigel Fahy 027 583 1005

Passed In Lots

Lot 3 - Always B Miki - Delightful Kas (Colt)
Lot 33 - Always B Miki - Hulabaloo Baby (Filly)
Lot 36 - Always B Miki - Ice Imperial (Filly)
Lot 61 - Captaintreacherous - Partyon (Colt)
Lot 66 - What The Hill - Regal Love (Filly)
Lot 75 - Captaintreacherous - Ruby Rose (Filly)
Lot 87 - ALways B Miki - Spin to Win (Colt)
Lot 90 - Captaintreacherous - Taylor Bromac (Filly)
Lot 113 - Always B MIki - Big Lucy (Filly)

1Lot 1What The HillDead Cat BounceTony Herlihy
3Lot 3Always B MikiDelightful KasPassed InRES:$50,000
6Lot 6Bettor's DelightDiamond Lace$25,000Team Bond
8WITHDRAWNArt MajorDina Brown
11Lot 11Bettor's DelightDouble Twist$170,000D&P Lowry
13Lot 13Captaintreacherous Elle Mac$130,000Mark and Nathan Purdon
15Lot 15What The HillFactor The Odds$15,000Stonewall Stud
22Lot 22Always B MikiGladamare$75,000Kennard Bloodstock
24Lot 24Bettor's DelightGoodlookingbabe$155,000Stonewall Stud
30Lot 30Bettor's DelightGoodlookinggirl$105,000Mason Bloodstock
33Lot 33Always B MikiHulabaloo BabyPassed InRES:$30,000
36Lot 36Always B MikiIce ImperialPassed InRES: $20,000
42Lot 42Art MajorLacy Linda$40,000G J Anderson
46Lot 46Always B MikiLinda Lovegrace$34,000Rogerson Bloodstock
49Lot 49Tactical Landing Love Ya Doosie$180,000Stonewall Stud
51Lot 51Tactical Landing Lovemelikeyoudo$75,000Diamond Racing
53Lot 53What The HillLuby Ann$38,000FJ Hooper
55Lot 55VincentLydia's Delight $14,000G J Anderson
57Lot 57CreatineMuscle Factor$25,000J Browne
59Lot 59Captaintreacherous On A Roll$95,000Adam Merrington
61Lot 61Captaintreacherous PartyonPassed In
64Queen LizzyCaptaintreacherous Princess Tiffany$270,000Mark Jones
66Lot 66What The HillRegal LovePassed In$40,000
69Lot 69What The HillRegal Volo$45,000Rogerson Bloodstock
72Lot 72VincentRozelski$40,000Mark and Nathan Purdon
75Lot 75Captaintreacherous Ruby RosePassed InRES: $60,000
77Lot 77Always B MikiSem's Delight$40,000Diamond Racing
79Lot 79Bettor's DelightSettle Petal$60,000Tony Herlihy
84WITHDRAWNCaptaintreacherous Spandau Ballet
87Lot 87Always B MikiSpin To WinPassed In$40,000
90Lot 90Captaintreacherous Taylor BromacPassed In$60,000
104Lot 104Always B MikiYea Baby$35,000Team Bond
113Lot 113Always B MikiBig LucyPassed In$20,000
116Lot 116Bettor's DelightBubbled Up$40,000G J Anderson
118Lot 118Father PatrickCheeky Babe$27,500Tony Herlihy
121Lot 121Always B MikiClose Escape$24,000Tony Hickman Bloodstock