These services include foaling, weaning, yearling preparation, broodmare care and agistment facilities.

All types of care for your horse are provided including veterinary and farrier assistance to ensure that your mare will receive the best possible attention required to help her conceive.

We pride ourselves on the way your horses are attended to by top horsemen including stud manager Scott Yarndley who has a wealth of experience in broodmare management, and the staff

Who all have 10 years or more working with Horses.

Breckon Farms offers a foaling nightwatch service. We endevour to have foals born at the stud monitored as the first few hours of life are critical. Even if you are not planning to breed your mare again this season, you can take advantage of this valuable service.

Mares served with frozen semen are given the best opportunity to get pregnant with the help of Lee Morris and the team at Equibreed NZ. Leaders in equine reproduction.