Vaccinations needed before arrival at Breckon Farms

Any in foal mare must receive a full course of herpes vaccine. This is 3 vaccines, 1 given every 2 months from the end of February. For example, 1st March—-1st May—–1st July. In foal mares that have previously been at Breckon Farms will be given a 2in1 and Salmonella vaccination 1 month before their due date. Mares due to foal at Breckon Farms should arrive no later than 1 month out from foaling. This will allow the mare enough time to build up sufficient antibodies in her colostrum to then pass onto the foal after foaling.

Any mare that has not previously been at Breckon Farms must have had its Strangles Booster One week before arrival. If in foal then also Salmonella.

All Mares Must have their Vaccination Records upon arrival or they can be emailed to Nigel beforehand at the following email address [email protected].

Any mares arriving without the appropriate documentation will not be off loaded. This is to ensure the health and wellbeing of all other horses on the farm.

We can’t stress the importance of vaccinating your mares for Herpes enough, Failure can lead to multiple mares aborting.

Strangles can lead to in the worst cases death, expensive treatments and the inability to send Yearlings off the farm to sales.

All mares; must have a signed vaccination certificate from their vet.

We appreciate your support.